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Announcement on Environmental Impact Report of Zhejiang Tuopu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Annual Output of 50 tons of Arbutin Containing Cosmetic Ingredients

The “50 tons of arbutin project of cosmetic raw materials produced per year” declared by our company (Zhejiang Tuopu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) was registered by the Deqing County Economic and Information Technology Commission in July 2017 (Dezhou Economic and Technical Services [2017] No. 229 ). At the same time, our company commissioned Zhejiang Biyang Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out the environmental impact assessment of the project, and completed the “Environmental Impact Report of 50 tons of arbutin project of cosmetic raw materials produced by Zhejiang Tuopu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.” ( The manuscript was submitted for review. The draft was submitted for technical consultation on January 17, 2018, and a project approval draft was formed in March. In March 2018, the Zhejiang Provincial Environmental Engineering Technology Evaluation Center issued a project evaluation opinion (Zhehuan Assessment [2018] No. 229). In order to let the public understand the environmental impact of the project implementation on the region and maintain the environmental rights of the public, the basic situation of the project environmental impact assessment document will be announced.

Our unit will provide relevant information for inquiries and inspection services to the general public. Relevant units or individuals may contact our company to obtain a complete copy of the environmental assessment document.

Announcement time: April 20, 2018 to April 27, 2018

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Zhejiang Tuopu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Annually Produces 50 tons of Cosmetic Raw Material Arbutin Project Environmental Impact Report (1)




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April 20, 2018